Going on an excursion and need a new medical form.

Educational excursions provide enriching experiences for all students in a variety of contexts. Excursions are valued at MCSS because they support the vision and philosophy of the school by:

  • extending the learning that occurs within the classroom, including the development of personal attributes such as enterprise, courage, commitment and the ability to work in teams
  • recognising the learning which occurs outside the classroom
  • making learning within the school real and relevant with practical applications, thereby promoting a belief in life-long learning
  • providing opportunities for learning outside the school context which may not otherwise be available to all students
  • extending the gifts and talents of individual students.

Excursions are an important part of the experience offered to students of MCSS. Throughout the year, many excursions enrich our educational program and include visits to local institutions and events, camps and Australian tours and even international trips. Excursions offered each year vary according to curriculum needs and demand but the following have been run in the past:

  • Snow trips
  • Japanese trip
  • Airport trip

B-Firm Waiver 

The Medical note ONLY needs filling out if our child's condition has changed.