ACT Scaling Test

AST Preparation

Students wishing to obtain an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) must sit the AST (ACT Scaling Test) examination that is held throughout the ACT on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of September each year.

The AST tests a range of general skills considered to be relevant to success at university. A student's performance in the AST examination is an important factor in determining their ATAR. The higher a student's ATAR, the greater their range of choice of university courses will. Further information about the AST and ATAR can be found at ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies website.

Melba Copland Secondary School runs an AST preparation program for Year 12 tertiary students. We regard this program as an extremely important part of a student's preparation for the AST. This program assists students to prepare through sitting exam trials (based on past AST papers) as well as participating in training sessions. These training sessions provide practical strategies for more successful performance in the all aspects of the AST. Students' work samples are also externally marked and feedback provided to students.

The timetable for the training sessions is distributed to all Year 12 tertiary students. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory for these students and attendance will be recorded through students signing on for each session.

I look forward to students making the most of this opportunity to maximise their ATAR and their future opportunities.

AST Coordinator