High School Uniform and Dress Code

School Uniform Policy

The MCSS school uniform for students in Years 7 -10 has been endorsed by our school community and Board, and is supported by the ACT Department of Education. College Students do not have to wear uniforms but do need to attend College in appropriate attire.

MCSS school uniform helps students

  • identify proudly with a quality school
  • contribute to a positive school image
  • feel included as a school community
  • realise that our school is a place of work
  • be recognisable and safer in the school grounds

Our uniform is a low cost option over time, which reduces peer pressure and competition.
School equity funding is available on request to the Principal, Associate Principal or Year Coordinator.

School Uniform

What is the uniform?

Above the waist:

  • MCSS blouse or shirt with logo
  • School dress
  • Navy and White PE polo shirt
  • MCSS Navy tracksuit paints
  • Teal knit sweater
  • Navy fleecy To
  • Navy zip up jacket

Note: All visible clothing including jackets and jumpers should have the MCSS logo

Below the waist:

  • Blue tartan school skirt
  • Navy blue school shorts or pants,
  • (Shorts must not be shorter than mid-thigh. Items should not be ripped or torn)
  • Tights and leggings are only acceptable if worn under the unifor, skirt, dress or shorts.
  • Denim is not accepted uniform


Black, covered, sturdy shoes at all times to meet safety requirements
(Thongs, Sandals / slides, canvas shoes are not acceptable on school grounds)


Students are expected to have a change of clothing to participate in PE


Students representing the school in sports teams and excursions are expected to be in correct uniform and dress code to participate in these activities.

Sun Safe

We encourage students to be sun safe by wearing hats and sunscreen when in the playground and exposed to the sun.

Where can I buy the Uniform?

The MCSS school uniform can be purchased from the following clothing outlets:

Special Tops

Students who are in SRC, School Band or other special groups such as Peer Support leaders, peer reading tutors or sporting teams may be able to purchase a special purpose school top which is consistent with school uniform colours and appearance.These are special items to reward students who contribute to the Melba Copland community.

Unacceptable dress at school

  • Ant item that is not MCSS school uniform
  • Revealing or inappropriate clothing such as singlets and midriff tops
  • Visible underwear
  • Unsafe shoes
  • Tights and leggings are only acceptable if worn under the unifor, skirt, dress or shorts
  • Jumpers and tops with large logos or slogans that may cause offence to others
  • Denim is not accepted uniform