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High School Campus
Conley Drive,
Melba ACT 2615
(+61)(2) 02 6205 6711
College Campus
Copland Drive
Phone : (+61)(2) 02 6205 7622
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Please contact the school on 6205 6711

About MCSS

Melba Copland Secondary School (MCSS) is a vibrant, exciting co-educational school that is committed to helping students achieve their potential in academic, artistic, vocational and sporting endeavours. MCSS is a twin campus school that consists of a high school campus (7-10) and a college campus(11-12) with a combined population of approximately 600 students. Melba Copland provides a rich and balanced learning program that allows students to achieve and build upon their unique talents, skills and interests.

The school consists of two campuses: 

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