Career Education at MCSS is embedded across the curriculum and in career education programs to assist young people in their career development through years 7 -12. Students receive guidance on career related matters to support them towards a smooth transition through school and on to further study, training or employment. To support the career development process, students can undertake work experience and structured work place learning. They can start an Australian School based Apprenticeship (ASBA) or participate in a variety of other career related programs that are supported in partnership with external providers in the community.

Careers News

Careers information is emailed directly to senior students.  Information is also displayed on the school TV monitor, provided during school assemblies, Pastoral Care classes, via google classroom and the MCSS facebook page.

Appointments with the Careers Advisor can be made by visiting or calling the Careers Resource Centre or contacting the Careers Advisor via email. Discussions around college program, university requirements, CIT courses, apprenticeships/traineeships, employment readiness and gap year activities can be accessed.

Pathways Planning at MCSS begins in Year 7 and continues to Year 12. The aim of Pathways Planning is to provide a smooth and supported experience as student’s transition from one education setting to another and onto post school options. With support from teachers and the Pathways website, students can develop their own individualised Pathways Plan. The website provides structured and sequential online career development and transition activities with links to a range of quality online career and transition resources.

Portfolio Development - Career Portfolio development begins in Year 9 and continues into the senior years. The portfolio is a collection of relevant work samples and documents gathered and presented in a structured manner. It shows the progressive development of a resume and can include work experience evaluations. Some websites that can be used by students to support their career portfolio includes:

Work Experience

In senior years students at MCSS are able to participate in work experience (WEX). WEX enables students to explore tentative career choices against the realities of the workplace. It is a short-term, unpaid participation in the work place as a learner and an observer. WEX forms part of a student’s broad career development to gain further insight into many aspects of the world of work. Students interested in undertaking a work experience placement are asked to see the Careers Advisor. For additional information go to:

ACT ETD Work Experience Program Guidelines and Requirements

Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA’s)

ASBAs are part of the national Australian Apprenticeships system. Australian Apprenticeships combine practical work on-the-job, with structured off-the-job training to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. For more information on the Australian Apprenticeships system, visit the following link: Australian Apprenticeships website.

An ASBA provides students with the opportunity to combine practical paid work with structured training as part of their education program to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. Students undertaking an ASBA at Certificate II or III level are supported at MCSS to allow for work, training and regular schooling.

Students must choose carefully the type of industry and qualification before engaging in an ASBA training contract. Students must speak with their Careers Advisor / VET Coordinator prior to the commencement of an ASBA to ensure the qualification fits into their pathways plan.

MCSS students have undertaken ASBA’s in:

For more information about ASBA’s visit: