The Enrichment Program at MCSS has been designed to complement our current educational program, and extend and “enrich” the learning of students beyond the normal classroom boundaries. In our quest to develop global citizens with an inquiring mind and thirst for knowledge, MCSS offers a range of activities to balance and complement their current subject selections.

Offered each alternate Thursday afternoon, activities include community service programs such as first aid, LEAP, volunteering at aged care and child care facilities, as well as activities such as First Aid, Fitness, the Makers Club and Healthy Cooking. Sports such as futsal, basketball, tri sports and Geocaching - orienteering on mountain bike, are very popular among students.

Students explore ideas, use critical and creative thinking through creative writing, science fiction, chess and the singer song writing group. A range of art, craft and ceramics classes also meet the creative needs of our creative students.

Students have demonstrated empathy, respect and care while making a difference to the lives and environment of others.