Board and P&C

Parents and Citizens

The Parent and Citizen (P&C) association at Melba Copland can make a difference to how your child is educated and help them enjoy their time at school, resulting in better performance in and out of the class room.

Our school P&C association is a member of the ACT Council of P&C Associations and through the Council, school parents can have a say in everything from traffic safety problems at your school, bullying, enrolment issues, school transport, testing procedures, improved curricula, school funding, teacher performance, student support services, libraries & information technology, student counselling and well being to mention just a few topics.

But your P&C can only function effectively if you (the parents) actively participate by attending your P&C meetings and support their activities.

Research has shown that students whose parents are involved in their school (via their P&Cs), perform better academically and socially.

You are eligible to be a member of your school P&C association, so please consider attending our next P&C meeting and get involved in your child's education both at home and in the school.

The meeting schedule for 2020 is as follows:

Board Meetings at 5.30 pm Conference Room College Campus
P&C Meetings  7 pm Conference Room College Campus 

Term 1

Week 3: Wednesday 20 February

Week 8: Wednesday 1 April - Cancelled

Term 2

Week 3: Wednesday 15 May

Week 8: Wednesday 17 June

Term 3

Week 3: Wednesday 5 August

Week 9 Wednesday 9 September

Term 4

Week 3: Wednesday 28 October
Week 7: Wednesday 25 November

Office bearers:

MCSS Board Members 2020

Staff Reps

Ms Natasha Milde
Mr David Dunn  

Parent Reps

Mrs Gail Heinrich - Board Chair
Mr Michael Jones -
Mr Danny Haipola


Mr Rohan Jones
Mr Hamdan Farooq

Board Appointed Member

P&C Members 2018

(President) Jo-anne Robinson,
(Secretary) Kelly Howard,
(Treasurer) Heidi Jammer,

(Vice President/ Public Officer)  
(General member/Fund raising) Melissa Lawler,
(General member/ Uniform shop)Sarah Suffolk;

Commission Accounts (pdf icon 279.8KB)
P&C Constitution (pdf icon 469.1KB)
P&C Nomination

School Board

The MCSS Board is an elected body with the responsibility to determine the educational policies to be implemented. The Board will also ensure that the provision of facilities, equipment and resources are maintained at appropriate levels and standards. Finally, the Board will oversee the annual budget of the school.