Latest Happenings at Melba Copland Secondary School

MCSS Presentation & Graduation 2017

Posted on 14 Dec 2017

Please click on link to see the Program.

MCSS Presentation & Graduation Program 2017

Reading Challenge Recognition

Posted on 22 Nov 2017

Our representing team with Director General, Natalie Howson. All involved should be very proud of this wonderful achievement. 

2018 Chromebook

Posted on 16 Nov 2017

The Minister of Education, Yvette Berry has released a statement on the Chromebook loan scheme.

Attached is a form asking whether you wish your child/children to be involved in this opportunity. 
Please complete the form that has been sent to you and return to the school reception or scan and return to by 1 December to be included in the scheme.

Please follow link to see Chromebook Device for Students

Chromebook Loan Scheme Yvette Berry Letter

Chromebook Acceptance Form

College Drama Performance

Posted on 15 Nov 2017

Bus Changes as of 9th October 2017

Posted on 20 Sep 2017

Bus Changes

Melba Copland Secondary School


Description of Change



This service now starts 10 minutes earlier at 8:13am and arrives 10 minutes earlier at 8:45am.


This service now starts 5 minutes earlier at 7:54am and arrives 5 minutes earlier at 8:48am.



This service now starts 2 minutes later at 3:14pm.


Service now starts 1 minute later at 3:14pm. Service now ending at stop 6185 Manning Clark before Flemington Rd.

Melba High


Description of Change



This service now starts 10 minutes earlier at 8:13am and arrives 10 minutes earlier at 8:45am.


This service now starts 5 minutes earlier at 8:21am. It now arrives 3 minutes later at 8:53am.

Now servicing Melba High School.


This service now starts 5 minutes earlier at 7:54am and arrives 5 minutes earlier at 8:48am.



This service now starts 2 minutes later at 3:14pm.


No change.


No change.

ACT College Badminton Winners

Posted on 31 Aug 2017

ACT College Badminton Winners!

On Tuesday the 29th August, MCSS took out the ACT College Girls Badminton competition for 2017. Will have to check the record books, but it could be the first MCSS girls Badminton title, certainly for some years at least.

Year 11/12 students Amy Jian, Tram Nguyen, Cindy Nguyen and Luca Wang were the 4 players that competed in the singles and doubles matches, playing a combined 36 matches across the day and only losing on 4 occasions. Pretty comprehensive.

They all played extremely well and MCSS congratulates them.

MCSS Annerly Poulos

Posted on 07 Aug 2017

Congratulations Annerly on your results in the Asian qualifying rounds and representing Australia in Europe. (Annerly is a year 9 student at MCSS)

"Canberra's tennis prodigy Annerly Poulos is only 14 but she knows what she wants - to become the next Serena Williams.

The teenager is in Europe for the first time and getting a taste of the professional circuit as she prepares to represent Australia at the world junior tennis titles in the Czech Republic on Monday.

Poulos blitzed the Asian qualifying rounds earlier this year with an unbeaten record as the Australian number one seed and now gets her chance against the world's best.

"This is my second time representing Australia and it's a great feeling. You're just really proud of yourself and what you've achieved and knowing that this is something to get you used to for what's ahead," Poulos said."…/canberra-prodigy-annerly-…

MCSS Community Consultation Forum

Posted on 31 Jul 2017

MCSS - Year 7-8 Boy’s Northside Secondary School Sports Futsal Champions

Posted on 27 Jun 2017

MCSS - Year 7-8 Boy’s Northside Secondary School Sports Futsal Champions

The Melba Copland Secondary School year 7-8 boys Futsal Team emerged triumphant after a hard fought 3-1 win in the final against Amaroo School on 31 May, thus claiming the Northside Secondary School Sports Association title. 

MCSS Year 9/10 Parliamentary Debating team

Posted on 02 Jun 2017

MCSS Year 9/10 Parliamentary Debating team and Mr Dunn ready for action at the ACT Legislative Assembly

Mr Dunn has coached our year 10 Interschool Parliamentary Debating team to victory in the ACT Legislative Assembly in both of their allocated debates!

Their two topics were:

· Effective infrastructure planning needs bipartisan support against SFX

· The ACT is leading the country in the move to renewable energy against St John Paul II College.

Given that this is the first time MCSS has entered these debates in 9 years we think that’s  a BIG impact!!

Disney High School Musical

Posted on 26 May 2017

High School Musical!

High School Musical will be performed in week 9
of term from June 19th - 22nd.

This is a great opportunity for you to come along and support all students and staff who are involved.

Tickets can only be purchased online from
We anticipate you will not be able to buy tickets at the door.

Young Raiders making a big impact in schools

Posted on 03 May 2017

Eighteen Canberra Raiders NYC players are currently working in the ACT public school education system as learning support assistants.

The program, organised by the Raiders development and welfare staff, started off with a couple of players and has grown extremely quickly over the past year.

ACT Minister for Sport and Education, Yvette Berry visited Melba Copland Secondary School on Monday morning to find out more about the program and meet with three Raiders NYC players, Sam Bramich, Matt Lyons and Sato Ketia-Opo, currently working as learning support assistants.

Ms Berry spoke highly of the work the young Raiders have been doing and the benefit it will have on students in the schools.

“It’s really great opportunity for the young people across Canberra’s public schools to meet some role models in a sport they may aspire to,” Ms Berry said. 

It’s also important for these young men to have a chance to expand their horizons, not just in a sporting career.

“We want to expand on the relationship with the Raiders. Sport and education go beautifully together so it’s great to have role models like Sam, Sato and Matt come along to the school.”

Sam Bramich, who is currently studying to be a teacher, said working as a learning support assistant has been exciting and a great experience.

“It’s really exciting to work with the kids – I enjoy it a lot. It’s been a great experience. Coming straight from school is a bit challenging since I’m close to their age, but I still find I get respect and I really enjoy the opportunity,” Bramwich said.

“You never know what can happen with footy so it’s great to have that second option. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. You never have the same sort of day, it’s never boring.”

While extremely beneficial for the students, the program has made a difference on and off the field for Ketia-Opo.

“Working with kids helps me build my confidence as a person and as a footy player. Hopefully I get the chance to go to more schools around the ACT,” Ketia-Opo said.

Matt Lyons echoed Ketia-Opo’s thoughts.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to help kids and if footy doesn’t work out it’s what I want to do in the future,” Lyons said. 

With only a small number of NYC players making it through to the NRL squad each year, having a back-up plan for life after football is extremely important for young players.

Feedback has been excellent from the students and teachers the players have come into contact with and the Raiders will be looking to keep improving this program onto bigger and better things.


Enrollments 2018

Posted on 27 Apr 2017

NSW residents applying for years 7 to 12 in 2018.

Applications from NSW residents for years 7 to 12 will be processed later in 2017. We will finalise processing of applications from ACT students before we consider NSW applications; this may be as late as Term 4 2017. If you have any queries about this process please call the ACT Education Directorate on 6205 5429.

NAPLAN Online 2017

Posted on 19 Mar 2017

NAPLAN Online 2017

You may have heard that NAPLAN online is being introduced across Australia from 2017, with the aim for all Australian schools to be administering NAPLAN online by 2019.

NAPLAN online will provide better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information. Your child’s results will be returned to you more quickly, within a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months. Please follow the link to see more NAPLAN information.

End Violence

Posted on 19 Mar 2017

One Million Stars to End Violence is a peaceful global weaving project that engages communities in a conversation about ending all forms of violence.

Our first Star weaving session at lunchtime. Our aim is to weave 200 stars for one million stars to end violence project. They will end up as part of an art installation at the 2018 Commenwealth Games on the Gold Coast. We weave every Friday lunchtime in the high school library.

MCSS Student wins 2016 School VET Award

Posted on 07 Feb 2017

Samantha Morris, who attended Melba Copland Secondary School already knows what she wants to study.

She'll be the third generation of women in her family to take up nursing. She plans to study for a degree in nursing and midwifery at the University of Canberra.

"My grandmother Lorraine Miller and my mother Antionette Tulloh are both nurses," Ms Morris said.

"My grandmother was a palliative care nurse and my mother has worked in disability care for 20 years. They were both inspirations for me."

Ms Morris said taking on VET courses during her final years at school opened her eyes to the opportunities available in nursing. She completed Australian School Based Apprenticeships in Aged Care and Ageing Support while working at the Calvary Hayden Retirement Community, where she was recognised with the Mary Potter Award for kindness, generosity and friendliness.

Melba Copland Secondary School Board Nominations

Posted on 01 Feb 2017

Good Afternoon

We are please to advise that nominations for Melba Copland Secondary School board positions 2017 are now open.  The nomination form and instructions are included in this notification and are also available from the high school and college reception.  Nomination forms should be submitted to the reception or by email to by 11:00am Monday 13 February.

Please find nomination form under the Newsletter heading.