Latest Happenings at Melba Copland Secondary School

Capital Chemist Awards

Posted on 25 Mar 2021

Capital Chemist Award Winners

The Capital Chemist Award Ceremony was held on March 11 2021. The award acknowledges the wonderful efforts of the Year 12 recipients Eleanor McInnes and Imogen Welch as well as the MCSS school and community.

David Hetherington and Emma Davidson presented the Capital Chemist Awarded Scholarships to both Eleanor and Imogen. Each scholar receives $1000 to be used for their direct educational benefit during their final year of schooling to cover educational expenses such as face-to-face or online tutoring, uniforms and equipment, stationery and books, a laptop or excursions and camps.

Congratulations to our recipients.

MCSS Arts Showcase 2020

Posted on 12 Mar 2021

MCSS is pleased to share with you the MCSS Arts Showcase 2020. This showcase was created as part of our school’s Regional Arts Program (RAP). RAP’s purpose is to strengthen MCSS’s connection within the Belconnen School Network though teaching the Arts. This showcase features over 100 students from Evatt, Miles Franklin and Mount Rogers Primary Schools combined with MCSS.

Click here to watch now:

2021 NSW Country Championships – Tenpin Bowling

Posted on 25 Feb 2021

2021 NSW Country Championships – Tenpin Bowling

Orange Tenpin Bowl runs the NSW Country Tenpin Bowling Championships every year.  This year Emily Morris (year 8) made the trip to Orange to compete.  During these games Emily scored her PB for game with 189 (which she has since beaten already)  and her PB series with her first 500 series.  Those that qualified were then able to enter the Restricted Masters on Monday 25 starting early at 8.30am.  The Restricted Masters involves bowling 8 games and points are awarded for pinfall over average. 

As the last games were bowled and the judges decided the winner, Emily waited anxiously for her final score and position.  The presentation was held and the announcement for 3rd place called, then 2nd place and Emily’s smile got wider and wider.  Finally it came down to the winner and with 1571 pins with pinfall the winner was Emily Morris!  She proudly walked to the presentation to receive her prize and to be named as the 2021 NSW Country Championships Champion.  Well done Emily, look forward to hearing how you do in your next competition in February with the ACT Championships.