9/10 Curriculum

The MCSS high school curriculum aims to provide students with a broad general education, and develop reflective cooperative and independent learners equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the 21st century.

A feature of the MCSS curriculum is the capacity to individualise programs to meet students' specific needs and interests. Class levels, Individual Learning Plans, flexible elective programs, mentoring and peer tutoring are some of the means for individual support or enhancement.

In years 9 and 10 students start to specialise in subjects which are of particular interest to them. Students choose two elective subjects each semester from a wide range of electives. The core subjects English, Mathematics, Science, SOSE, and PE/Health continue for all students with some subjects offering internal electives.

Elective subjects offered in Years 9 and 10 may include Languages, Dance, Drama, Music, Textiles, Art, Ceramics, Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Stop Motion Animation, Auto, Wood and Metalwork.

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